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coming home on
Friday afternoon
not being able
to find
a snack

What if
your Mom & Dad
worked weekends
no one was home
to prepare
your meals

no running water,
no electricity,
no ability
to eat a full meal
for the
entire weekend

Monday morning,
be able to think
about anything
but food?

feed a child
grow a mind

Our Mission

Food 2 Kids is a community program partnered with The Odessa Junior League, The West Texas Food Bank and The Education Foundation. The mission of Food 2 Kids is to feed hungry children who do not eat a regular meal between their lunch at school on Friday and their breakfast at school on Monday. Currently Food 2 Kids feeds 1,100 children in Ector County each semester. But there are more children who need our help! We need your support to expand our program to reach every hungry child in ECISD!

Children are our future, help us invest in their future.

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About Us

Statistics show that 8,000 children in Ector County are at risk for malnutrition. Kids who suffer from hunger do not perform well in school... read more