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Food 2 Kids Mission Statement:


To feed chronically hungry children who do not eat a regular 

meal between lunch at school on Friday and their breakfast

at school on Monday



The Food 2 Kids program was born out of necessity. In 2010, the Education Foundation of Odessa approached the Ector County Independent School District for areas of need. It was determined that battling chronic childhood hunger was a critical need. The Education Foundation partnered with the Junior League of Odessa, and Food 2 Kids came to life. The program targets food insecure children who might not eat between their school provided lunch on Friday, and their school provided breakfast on Monday. Thousands of elementary children fell into this category. The need was unimiginable.


A Great Partnership is Formed:

Food 2 Kids approached the West Texas Food Bank because the food need was far greater than the cost effectiveness of buying food from retail vendors, such as Sam’s. The Food Bank’s buying power offered the program the ability to buy in bulk. This partnership gave the program the opportunity to reach even more chronically hungry children.

Food 2 Kids could not do this without them!


How Food 2 Kids Works, and Who We Serve:

Community volunteers come together twice a month to sort and sack food. The program distributes four different "kid friendly" menus, which adds variety for the children. The menus contain food that is easy to prepare, in case the children are responsible for preparing their own meals. Sacks of food are sent home on Fridays with students who have been identified by their teachers as being at-risk for suffering from hunger during the weekend. Students are chosen for the program based on several factors, including apparent signs of hunger affecting a child’s ability to stay focused while in class. 


Program Growth and Reach:

Food 2 Kids began distributing sacks of food in the 2010 spring semester. In 12 weeks the program grew from feeding 150 children to over 300, ending with 415 children enrolled in the program. During the 2010-2011 school year, Food 2 Kids grew to feed over 1,000. By the end of the 2014-1015 school year, Food 2 Kids will be feeding over 2,300 chronically hungry children.Elektronik sigara


Food 2 Kids is fortunate to have funds to feed many children, but the funding is not infinite, and there are many more children still hungry.  With the generous support of the community, the program continues to grow.  Food 2 Kids hopes to continue adding schools, and needs your help to reach that goal!


More on Our Founding:

Some elementary school students used to spending the weekend hungry are instead going home each Friday with food packed by volunteers. The Food2Kid program, began in January of 2010, and provided food for about 910 Ector County Independent School District elementary school children at four elementaries. Children are chosen to participate in the program if they meet the criteria of being in the reduced or free lunch program or if they have been referred by a parent, counselor or teacher, Food2Kids chairwoman Libby Campbell said. The program initially began working with Milam Magnet and Burleson elementaries and distributed 7,200 sacks of food in the spring semester, Campbell said.  Read More

  • this article originally appeared in the Odessa American on Oct. 06, 2010 - wisc-r testi
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